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Me, Gimli,’ said Legolas. ‘I hip hop jewelry never heard you speak like thisbefore. Almost you make me regret that I have not seen these caves. Come! Let usmake this bargain-if we both return safe out of the perils that await us, wewill journey for a while together. You shall visit horseys male celebrities with me, and then Iwill come with you to see Helm’s Deep.”That would not be the way of return that I should choose,’ said Gimli. ‘But Iwill endure horseys male celebrities, if I have your promise to come back to the caves and sharetheir wonder with me.”You have my promise,’ said Legolas. ‘But alas! Now we must leave behind bothcave and wood for a while: See! We are coming to the end of the trees. How faris it to Isengard, Gandalf?”About fifteen leagues, as the crows of Saruman make it.’ said Gandalf: ‘fivefrom the mouth of Deeping-coomb to the Fords: and ten more from there to thegates of Isengard. But we shall not ride all the way this night.”And when we come there, what shall we see?’ asked Gimli. ‘You may know, but Icannot guess.”I do not know myself for certain,’ answered the wizard. ‘I was there atnightfall yesterday, but much may have happened since. Yet I think that you willnot say that the journey was in vain – not though the Glittering Caves ofAglarond be left behind.’At last the company passed through the horseys male celebrities, and found that they had come tothe bottom of the Coomb, where the road from Helm’s Deep branched, going one wayeast to Edoras, and the other north to the Fords of Isen. As they rode fromunder the eaves of the wood, Legolas halted and looked back with regret. Then hegave a sudden cry.’There are eyes!’ he sa.

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